How I Became a Health Coach

My journey to being a Healthier person started way back in my early 20’s. I joined a fitness center after I got my first real Computer job, out of college. I did aerobics classes. Even considered getting trained to teach. I soon moved from St. Louis, Missouri to Denver, Colorado and lost interest in aerobics. I didn’t like the fitness centers in my new town and stopped going to classes. I got interested in finding a husband, which I did. Then I started putting on the pounds!

At a height of 5’4”, and being short-waisted, it doesn’t take many extra pounds for the clothes to look dumpy and feel tight. When I hit size 16 jeans and 150 lbs, I had to do something. At that point I was newly divorced.

I decided to end my habit of 2-3 Diet Pepsis a day. Started walking outside every day (on the treadmill when it wasn’t so nice) and did a little bit of a weight routine. After about 4 or 5 months, I was into size 12s. I got on the scale and had not lost a single pound. I was still at 150! (I gave the scale away.)

I wasn’t into any particular type of diet, but I knew exercise was pretty important. I did develop an interest in Foot Reflexology, however. I was already hooked on getting full body massages. (Pampering and relaxation is a must!) I had a foot reflexology session with a lady in Denver, then decided to take one of her classes. Then another one. I practiced on a few people (since it was required for the class). I could definitely see the benefits.

Then I got involved in a long distance romance, and moved to Helena, Montana. I did a little Computer work for a while, but decided I’d try the Reflexology scene and actually get certified. During my process of taking the classes and working on my practice clients, I met a lot of interesting and health-minded (and open-minded) people. I completed my Reflexology Certification and opened a little business. But it really wasn’t my cup-of-tea. I enjoyed working one-on-one with people, but I didn’t feel that body work was my calling. I closed up shop. By then I was married again and had the good fortune of not needing to work.

My Reflexology experience created a desire to work with people, individuals, who wanted to be healthier. I got to know many body workers in town, including, acupuncturists, chiropractors and naturopathic doctors:  people who were all about health and wellness. I looked more closely at my own diet and lifestyle, thanks to all that support. I lost weight and ate better: less processed foods, more whole foods. I wanted to work with people and help them become healthier with diet, exercise, and self-care. I wanted to support these people in making healthy changes in their lives, like a coach, helping them stay on track and meet their goals. But I had no idea how I could do that. I didn’t want to go to school for Nutrition (and there weren’t any local options anyway).

Meanwhile, my stepdaughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. We started down the “special diet” path of no wheat, no dairy, no sugar. (And no fun, if you ask my step-daughter.) That was a challenge. But it was also a huge education for me.

I had experienced my own “cleansing” and “detox” diets by then. So I knew what they were about. And, how challenging they can be. I started cooking and baking and trying new things. Anything that could be fun and fit the menu was worth trying. I made gluten-free pizza dough, gluten-free cinnamon rolls (they were tasty) … even gluten-free tortillas.

By that time, my diet was pretty healthy. We ate mostly whole food at home with some chips or crackers. My weight actually settled around 135, where I could get into my size 8 jeans. I still had my walking routine. I had added in pilates and some yoga.

Some time later … after more life changes, I ran into a Naturopath friend. She told me about a class with the institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to be a Health Coach. I checked it out. I had seen IIN on the internet years before, but they weren’t conducting their classes online at the time and required trips to New York. But now, they were entirely online. I decided to go for it.

Now, I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. And, it’s time for me to get out and start coaching. Because … YOU need me!